DuoTech methodology is distinctly different in that our approach is primarily consultative.

Utilising our team of specialists, the first step is the identification of potential challenges within the supply chain. Once these challenges have been identified, then the most appropriate solution is applied to minimise current and potential (future) risks.

With our own research and development lab based in Melbourne, DuoTech has the capability to develop unique products customised to the needs of your business. We also have access to a wealth of resources through our strategic partnerships on the APAC regions that provide specialised external support and global best practices.

The DuoTech Approach

1Brand Risk assessment through supply chain analysis
We identify areas within the supply chain where opportunities for fraud, substitution and counterfeit may occur.

2Advanced technological solutions
A multi-tiered approach to delivering real time solutions that aid in protecting the business, its shareholders, products and markets.

DuoTech welcomes the opportunity to present our services to companies with a vested interest in protecting their brand. Contact us to see how DuoTech can protect your business.

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Our services include:

  • Brand risk assessment
  • Supply chain analysis
  • Secure authentication
  • Counterfeiting protection
  • Track and trace solutions
  • Real time analytic reporting
  • Propriety & licensed solutions
  • An experienced team of packaging professionals and leading counterfeit solutions providers
  • Export food and beverage authentication labelling specialists
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